Lunch Lady Catering

740 Hwy 4, Arnold CA 95233

LLC a la Carte is simple, seasonal, beautiful and delicious food delivered directly to you in re-usable or recyclable aluminum containers.  This service incorporates all of the care that we take in preparing our dishes for your event, and removes all of the costs associated with staffing.  Keep it simple, and delicious!  


Rustic Cheese Board with four delicious cheeses, fresh fruit and herb garnish, freshly baked bread and crackers

small: up to 50 servings $65  large; up to 125 servings $130


Artisan Cheese Board with four artisan cheeses, fresh fruit and herb garnish, freshly baked breads and crackers

small: up to 50 servings $80  large; up to 125 servings $160


Artisan or Rustic Cheese Board with Charcuterie, house-made pickles, mustards, fruit and herb garnish, freshly baked breads and crackers

small: up to 50 servings $100  large; up to 125 servings $200


Heirloom Crostini Bar with seasonal delicacies, house-made spreads, fresh and prepared fruits, vegetables and legumes, beet-brined eggs, toasted nuts, toasted breads and flatbreads, crackers

large: feeds up to 125 $200


Gourmet Grilled Sausages (gf)
A selection of 3 types of sausage with our own prepared mustards
sausage variety may include
andouille, merguez, wild boar, duck, or pheasant
small: up to 50 servings $125  large; up to 125 servings $250


Antipasto Platter

Marinated and preserved vegetables and legumes, cheese and salami, house-made pickled vegetables, pepperoncini, ciabatta bread

large: feeds up to 125 $200


Bruschetta Bar

Our crisp baguette bruschetta with classic tomato-basil topping, charred rainbow carrot-herb topping, and smoky eggplant topping

small: up to 50 servings $75  large: up to 125 servings $150


Garden Crudo (v, gf)

Fresh heirloom vegetables, house-pickled and preserved heirloom vegetables, olives,  accompanied by your choice of 2 of the following: artichoke tapenade, garlic  herb lentil hummus, white bean hummus, curried chickpea hummus, horseradish-beet chickpea hummus, or creamy artichoke-feta dip
small: up to 50 servings $130  large; up to 125 servings $220


Seasonal Harvest Crudite (v, gf)
Freshly prepared seasonal vegetables with artichoke tapenade, garlic & herb lentil hummus, white bean hummus, curried chickpea hummus, horseradish-beet chickpea hummus, or creamy artichoke-feta dip
small: up to 50 servings $125  large; up to 125 servings $200


Fresh Fruit Display 

Seasonal fruit, artistically prepared and assembled

small: up to 50 servings $125  large; up to 125 servings $200


Tropical Fruit Display with chili-lime salt

small: up to 50 servings $150  large; up to 125 servings $225


Meals for a Crowd


Slider Bar: with pulled pork, chicken with our own sweet and smokey or South Carolina BBQ sauces or grilled seasonal vegetables with basil pesto,  farmhouse coleslaw,  house-made bread and butter pickles, soft sesame buns accompanied by two of our hand-crafted side salads



Street Taco Bar: with shredded garlic chicken or citrus pork, roasted tomato salsa, southwestern rainbow slaw, chipotle rice, pinto or black beans, corn and flour tortillas



Southern Comfort: Texas Style Brisket slow cooked, rubbed with LLC's signature spice rub, old fashioned mac and cheese, Blue Lake Beans and Rainbow Carrots with fresh baby dill and lemon, Heirloom Garden Salad with buttermilk-herb dressing, Soft Rolls



Mac or Mash Bar: Creamy mashed potatoes or Old Fashioned Mac and Cheese accompanied by applewood smoked bacon, broccoli, salsa, scallions, pesto accompanied by a veggie and a salad side



Artisan Sandwiches: Your choice of 2 varieties of sandwich:

Ham with honey mustard, house-made pickles, cheddar and field greens on brioche roll 

Mediterranean Chicken with herb aioli, roasted peppers, field greens on brioche roll

Grilled Veggies with feta cheese, olive tapenade, field greens and pickled onions, brioche roll

Italian Salami, prosciutto, provolone, roasted peppers. artichoke, balsamic vinaigrette, field greens, brioche roll

accompanied by two side salads



Hand Crafted Boxed Lunches: 2 types of sandwich, 1 side salad choice, freshly baked cookie, includes utensils and napkin *minimum order of 25


Sides and Such

Sizes: small feeds up to 15 guests  $35  ~  Large: feeds up to 30 guests  $70


*Sweet Potato Salad with apple cider vinaigrette, scallion and sweet red pepper (v, gf)

*Balsamic Bliss Potatoes with scallions, sweet red pepper, parsley, and honey balsamic dressing (v, gf)

*French Style Potatoes with cornichons, fennel, shallot and tarragon-dijon dressing (v,gf)

* Creamy Mashed Potatoes with roasted garlic (gf)

*Fontina & Artichoke Potato Gratin (gf)


*Farmer's Market Vegetables with thyme butter (gf, changes seasonally)

*Roasted Broccoli and cauliflower with garlic and chili flake (gf)

*Oven Roasted Ratatouille with fresh basil, balsamic reduction and pine nuts (v, gf)

*Dry-Roasted Curried Cauliflower with chickpeas, green peas, onions, madras curry and lime (v, gf)

*Thai Cucumber-Carrot Salad with red onions, chopped peanuts, cilantro and lime vinaigrette (v, gf)

*Blue Lake Beans, Rainbow Carrots and bermuda onions with balsamic and toasted almonds or fresh baby dill and lemon (v, gf)


*Chef's Garden Pesto Pasta with our own special blend of garden herbs, grape tomatoes and baby spinach tossed with farfalle (v)

*Mediterranean Pasta Salad with artichoke heart, olive, and roasted pepper (v)

*Summer Pasta with corn, sweet red pepper, spinach, lime vinaigrette (v)

*Pearl Couscous with sultanas, shredded carrot, tomato and Moroccan spiced vinaigrette (v)

*Linguine and Zucchini with cherry tomatoes, white beans, fresh basil, and feta


*Summer Wild Rice Salad with blueberries, scallion and toasted almond, baby spinach, and basil vinaigrette (v, gf)

*Harvest Wild Rice Salad with roasted aromatic vegetables (v, gf)

*Sesame Butternut Wild Rice with sesame, roasted butternut squash, baby spinach (v, gf)

*Coconut Basmati Rice with lime zest and toasted coconut (v, gf)

*Saffron Rice with orange zest and cardamom (v, gf)

*Mushroom-Leek Risotto (gf)


*SummerCrisp Salad of romaine, grape tomato, cucumber, radish, scallion and

avocado-cumin dressing (v,gf)

*Classic Spinach Salad with hard-cooked egg, roasted grape tomato, applewood smoked bacon, crumbled blue cheese, herb croutons, baby spinach and red wine vinaigrette

*LLC's Caesar with crisp romaine, parmesan crisp, herb croutons 

*Vintner's Salad of roasted grapes, chevre, pickled onion, field greens

and honey-balsamic vinaigrette (v, gf)

*Heirloom Garden Salad of field greens, baby heirloom tomatoes, rainbow carrot ribbons, english cucumber, pickled onion, house-made buttermilk-herb dressing (gf)

*Arugula, Watermelon and Cucumber salad with feta cheese, crisp romaine, toasted pumpkin seeds and mint vinaigrette (gf)

*Fresh Fruit Salad with ginger syrup and fresh mint (v, gf, changes seasonally)


A la carte hours are 11am-7pm Wednesday-Sunday. A la carte is not available on Mondays or Tuesdays. 7 day advance notice required for most orders.  Minimum orders and delivery fees apply based on location.  

Orders subject to availability.  Please contact us with your order below: