Daily Pickles

Classic Cucumber Pickles

our famous firsts

half pint $5 / pint $8

Delta Asparagus

antipasto style pickle with fennel

quart $12 *Temporarily Sold Out

Dilly Beans

blue lake beans with dill and garlic

half pint $6 / pint $10

Mumbai Market Carrots

ginger, curry, and light heat

half pint $5/pint $10

Brined Bermudas

red onion pickle

half pint $5 / pint $8

Victory Garden Pickles

cauliflower, sweet peppers, celery, carrot 

half pint $6 / pint $10

Sweet & Spicy Jalapenos

half pint $6 / pint $12

Beet Brined Eggs

the base for our famous beet brined deviled eggs


LLC Kimchi

spicy ginger pickled cabbage

pint $10 / quart $17

Garden Garlic Dill Kraut

pickled cabbage with garlic and dill

​pint $10 / quart $17

Seasonal Harvest

*in season availability only

Green Tomato Pickle


with turmeric

half pint $8 / pint $12

Pickled Figs


half pint $10 / pint $18

Pickled Peaches


half pint $8 / pint $15

Balsamic Strawberries


half pint $8 / pint $15

LLC Provisions  

A little help with your delicious days at home!

Weekly local delivery each Wednesday!

Scroll to the bottom to order!

*all our pickles and sauces are made fresh, in small batches,

free of preservatives, artificial colors and thickeners

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Our Saucy Side

Skillet Licker Sauce

a blend of red chilies, and spices

half pint $5 / pint $8

Smoky Serrano Sauce

fire roasted serranos, savory garlic

​half pint $5 / pint $8

Green Garden Hot Sauce

fresh jalapeno, lime, garlic and onion

half pint $5 / pint $8

Island Style Chili Pepper Water

spicy and tart, this stuff is addictive!

​half pint $5 / pint $8

Mango Sweet Heat

perfect for chicken or pork tacos!

half pint $8 / pint $10

Blueberry Sweet Heat

fresh local blueberries and jalapenos make this sweet and hot treat

half pint $8/pint $12


​Spice of Life

Seed Love Seasoning

like everything bagel mix, but better!

half pint $7 pint $14

Delicious Delicacies

Sangria Jelly

perfect for cheese pairings, made with Calaveras wines, fruit and spices

half pint $8/pint $16

Spiced Cider Apples

sweet and tart for desserts, accompanying entrees, or tucked in a grilled cheese!

half pint $7/pint $10

Blueberry-Lavender Compote

over ice cream, spread on toast, eat it as you like!

​half pint $7 pint $12